"EB Wing of Roses" Jai Mala Bracelet

'EB Wing of Roses' Jai Mala Bracelet
7 1/2 inches • Sterling Silver Wing and Clasp • Rose Quartz

Be one of the very first people to wear this handmade bracelet in honor of the “Butterfly Children” who have the rare disease, Epidermolysis Bullosa. The “EB Wing of Roses” bracelet ($65) is made from real organic roses, exclusively by Jai Mala Rose. Every “EB Wing of Roses” bracelet sold contributes to the mission of debra of America, the only national non-profit dedicated to funding research and providing services and programs for those with this painful disease.

About the "EB Wing of Roses" Bracelet

Red roses were used to create these fragrant hand-crafted beads along with a sterling silver butterfly wing, s-clasp, and 2 rose quartz beads finish off this elegant rose petal bead bracelet.

These subtly fragrant rose petal beads are carefully hand rolled one by one using only the finest roses and water. Completely organic with no additives, preservatives, or chemicals. Every bead is unique with its own natural imperfections. Rose petal beads will retain their fragrance and will darken, polish, and become smooth with wear. Rose petal beads will last for generations as long as you don’t wear them in water.

About the Artist: Celeste Onorati

Celeste Onorati and Jonathan VanWetteringWith over 30 years in corporate America, Celeste Onorati has worked for international companies in the telecom and finance industries. She has been a long time “seeker of truth”. “Seeking this knowledge exposed me to all forms of religion, philosophy, spirituality, and psychology.” Celeste shares this knowledge today with people through her astrology practice and Jai Mala Rose creations. A hip injury two years ago opened the door to creating these special beads. While meditating, inspiration came. “Go buy roses, you will make beads. While making these beads, I’m chanting and meditating, to help open the heart of the wearer to love, like the rose,” she said.

Celeste has two children, son Jonathan, actor and co-founder of Jai Mala Rose. Daughter Aimee, caretaker and vegan chef for Woodstock Farm Sanctury B&B. Celeste lives in NYC with her son and 3 adopted cats.

5 Questions For The Artist

How did you become involved with debra of America?

My son Jonathan is friends with Casey Fitzpatrick, former Director of Events & Communications for debra of America. I had never heard of Epidermolysis Bullosa, so I was given their debra of America brochure to learn about the disease. I became so touched by what I read, I knew we needed to participate in spreading the word. A Jai Mala Rose necklace with matching earrings was created for the silent auction at the debra annual Benefit  in October of 2013. We were fortunate to meet some of the children with EB at this event. As I prepared for bed that evening, meditation a part of my days end, I reflected back on the experience and started to cry. The decision was made then to not scratch any part of my body for the next 3-days. This mind challenge allowed me to experience just one piece of what it would be like to live life with this terrible condition. I asked the universe to heal these gentle souls. I realized that EB could also stand for "Enormously Brave"! I encourage everyone to try this 3-day challenge.

When did you start making Jai Mala Rose bracelets?

I started experimenting with the roses and created the recipe for the beads in November 2012. I started making bracelets and gave them away to friends.

Can you tell us about the process in making the “EB Wing of Roses” bracelet?

Each rose bead is made by hand out of a clay that is produced using only fresh rose petals and water. They have to be air dried and then pierced. It takes anywhere from 8-10 days to produce the beads. The design for the “EB Wing of Roses” bracelet came from my son, Jonathan.

What makes this bracelet so special and unique?

When I am making the beads, I am meditating and listening to the chanting of beautiful music, and asking the universe to bless each petal to aid in healing and open the heart to love, just like the rose.

What do you do when not designing jewelry?

I have a full time astrology practice. This practice enables me to share knowledge and insight to people seeking an understanding of their true nature and journey in this lifetime. I also love to cook, garden, paint, read, enjoy my adult children, their friends, my friends, our three cats, and am dedicated to maintaining a plant based diet.

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