EB Discount: GlideWear

GlideWear is providing a 20% discount on all Epidermolysis Bullosa Skin Protection products, including clothing and accessories.

Please complete the form below to receive an email with your discount code, redeemable at check-out through https://glidewear.com/resources/epidermolysis-bullosa/.

Thank you for supporting the EB Community, GlideWear!


What is GlideWear?

GlideWear is a patented, ultra-low-friction fabric that’s widely used in medical and sports applications where skin is at risk for injury caused by friction, shear, rubbing, and breakdown. It’s a two-layer fabric that protects skin by gliding smoothly against itself and absorbing the harmful friction and shear that can damage skin. For more information, visit https://glidewear.com/resources/epidermolysis-bullosa/.

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