Join the EB Impact Committee!

baby with EB

Thanks to our EB Impact Committee, every day more people across the United States are learning about Epidermolysis Bullosa. And many within the EB Community have gained emotional, financial, and medical support due to their efforts. We hope you’ll join the EB Impact Committee, which advocates for the EB Community through awareness and fundraising activities. Help us make an impact today!

Leianna Adame (California)
Gale Alexander (Wyoming)
Michael Benny (New York)
Silvia Corradin (California)
Melissa Curtis (New York)
Danielle & Jared Friedel (New York)
Jennifer Garland (Florida)
Jennifer Harbuck (Kentucky)
Emily King (Oklahoma)
Samantha & Sean Harris (Utah)
Geri Kelly (Ohio)
Hana Khalil (New Jersey)
Adrienne & Peter Provost (Illinois)
Whitney Solomon (Tennessee)
Shawn & Andrew Tavani (Georgia)
Linda Velazquez (New York)

(current members listed above)

As an EB Impact Committee member, you will have the opportunity to vote for the 2017 debra of America Spirit Award winner, who will be honored at debra of America’s annual fundraising benefit in New York City. In addition, you will be asked to participate in various outreach efforts and provide feedback on debra of America’s free programs and services.

Interested in joining the EB Impact Committee? Please email events [at] debra [dot] org

[Please note that space is limited on this Committee and acceptance may be delayed.]