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Rafi and Brett Kopelan

Imagine watching your child face each day with pain and suffering, when even gentle hugs can bring about tears and every day is a challenge just to take a bath or walk up stairs. Paul Joseph, Alex Silver and Brett Kopelan are ordinary dads doing extraordinary things to help raise funds and awareness for a rare and underfunded disease, Epidermolysis Bullosa (commonly known as EB). The three working dads were brought together with the mission of finding a cure for their children who suffer from this disease and each dad is spearheading their own foundation, The EBMRF, JGSF and DEBRA. EB is a painful and life threatening disorder which causes the skin to tear and blister at a slight touch, causing wounds on the body that need constant bandaging and care to prevent infection and further trauma. Internal organs are also affected and skin cancer is highly prevalent among EB sufferers. There is currently no cure for EB. Click here to read more.

By Andrea Pett Joseph | Published May 29, 2014 | HuffingtonPost.com