Family Center

Debra is here to help families around the world understand and care for children  afflicted with EB.  Unfortunately there is no cure for EB, but Debra is dedicated to helping make life as easy as possible for all parties who are impacted by the effects of Epidermolysis Bullosa.

Help for New Parents
To all new parents, here are some helpful hints and detailed medical information to assist you.  Current therapy is directed toward the prevention of skin trauma, prevention of infection, and the treatment of complications.
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Nurse Educator
Debra provides a Nurse Educator to serve as a point of contact to assist new parents and patients, as well as to help healthcare professionals manage the care of EB patients. This program provides general information on EB and referrals to
related professionals.

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Support & Resources
Here you will find a our recommended list of support groups, regional Debra organization information as well as other EB related sites.
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Share your EBtoME
Tell us what EB means to you. This can be a short story, quote, feeling, or memory about EB . You can be a person with EB , a family member, an advocate, a volunteer, or someone who wants to help spread awareness.
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