Flying Pig event 2013

TEAM DEBRA brings athletes from across the country to raise much-needed Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) awareness, and funds research for a cure and treatment for EB. TEAM DEBRA is for marathon runners, cyclists, and everything in-between!


debra of America will help each and every member of TEAM DEBRA reach their goal no matter if it is to complete a marathon, 10K, triathlon, or cycling event.

TEAM DEBRA is excited to announce the following partnerships for 2017!

  • Sketchers Performance Los Angeles Marathon: run with TEAM DEBRA from Stadium to the Sea on March 19, 2017. Learn more.
  • United Airlines NYC Half: stop traffic in Manhattan with TEAM DEBRA on March 19, 2017. Learn more.
  • Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon: Join TEAM DEBRA at the pig party on May 7, 2017. Learn more.
  • TD Five Boro Bike Tour: Roll through all five boroughs of NYC with TEAM DEBRA on May 7, 2017. Learn more.
  • Bank of America Chicago Marathon: reach the finish line in Grant Park with TEAM DEBRA on October 8, 2017. Learn more.

Members of the Young Leadership CommitteeTEAM DEBRA is united by a common goal: working to find a cure and treatment for EB. EB is a rare, connective tissue disorder which 200 children are born with each year in the US. This makes EB as common as ALS and Cystic Fibrosis but few people know about it. EB is a painful condition that is characterized by extremely fragile skin that blisters and tears from friction. There is no treatment or cure for EB; protective bandaging, pain management, and wound care are the only options for people with EB. TEAM DEBRA is committed to biking, running, swimming, walking, dancing, and doing anything fun and active for EB awareness and a cure and treatment.

TEAM DEBRA Member Benefits:

Dr. Lucky and Lindsey at Flying Pig 2013
  • Training for a Cure - fundraising dollars go directly to debra of America which provides free programs and funds research for a cure and treatment for EB
  • Running, Spinning, Walking … for Treatment - from NYC to LA, TEAM DEBRA members have the opportunity to join fellow athletes in world renown endurance events across the US
  • Fundraising for EB - debra of America provides personal fundraising pages for each TEAM DEBRA member and staff is available to help set-up, personalize and promote personal fundraising pages
  • Raising EB Awareness - debra of America staff provides informational materials to TEAM DEBRA members to help educate their communities about EB

TEAM DEBRA is proud to have been a part of the following endurance events:

  • TCS New York City marathon
  • United Airlines NYC Half
  • Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon
  • Soul Cycle for an EB Cure
  • Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon

Want to learn more about how you can get involved in TEAM DEBRA?
Email teamdebra [at] debra [dot] org or call (212) 868-1573 ex 109.