Join the Young Leadership Committee!

The Young Leadership Committee (YLC) is comprised of young professionals in their 20’s through 40’s who work to promote Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) awareness through fundraising, influencing programmatic changes, and by participating in debra of America events across the country. Their work and support helps us to provide thousands of families with our free programs and services and fund groundbreaking EB research.


  • Be a part of something great! Join other like-minded leaders who want to make an impact on behalf of a great cause. Incite change among the EB Community and within debra of America to spread much needed public awareness.
  • Get social: The YLC calendar is filled with fun, social events like happy hours, volunteer days at the debra of America Manhattan office, a SoulCycle charity ride, and our annual Benefit in NYC, which was held at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum last year.
  • Make decisions: You will have the opportunity to influence and promote changes among debra of America's free programs & services, including our newest Government & Legal Affairs Program based out of the Washington D.C. area.
  • Build a network: You will be provided with numerous networking opportunities that will allow you to grow a professional and social network for future endeavors. Our LinkedIn network will allow you to link up with other professionals across the nation who are passionate about the EB Community.
  • Free fashion: As an active member, you’ll receive our signature T-Shirt or Tank Top (you pick!).
  • Plus, it’s free to join! No financial commitment to join or to maintain your YLC membership.


YLC initiatives include planning, advocacy, fundraising, and programmatic efforts. Members fulfill these functions in some of the following ways:

  • Invite guests and sponsors to debra of America events, including our annual NYC Benefit and our first-ever annual YLC special event.
  • Organize a fundraiser or awareness event with friends and family.
  • Share exciting new event ideas and help shape the YLC’s annual event calendar.
  • Provide feedback on debra of America’s free programs and services.
  • Raise EB awareness:
  • Solicit donations and sponsorships on behalf of debra of America.
  • Recruit new YLC members.


  • Ciara Aulds
  • David Beiss
  • Cary Bell
  • Emily & Charlie Belmonte
  • Samantha Bianchetti
  • Michelle & Patrick Brane
  • Lauren Brown
  • Carolyn Buntic
  • Kelsey Carpenter
  • Morgan Chittum
  • Peter Clarke
  • Andrew Conrad
  • Amanda Davis
  • Laura Dellicker
  • Yanne Doucet
  • James Drew
  • Benjamin Farahnik
  • Morgan Fish
  • Suz Grossman
  • Lori Guilbeau
  • Samantha Hayden
  • Afshan Hussain
  • Andrea Frantz-Iversen
  • Finnley Hope
  • Carla Ilie
  • David Iversen
  • Blair Jenkins
  • Brooke Josefs
  • Ludmila Lisii
  • Stacy Littrell
  • Alice Lucas
  • Jennifer Luihn
  • Kelly McCauley
  • Ella McGorry
  • Jess Miller
  • Richard Miller
  • Karen Modzelewski
  • Huyen Nguyen
  • Anjali Rajan
  • Emily Rea
  • Katelyn Reithel
  • Ruth Richebacher
  • Ramon Romero
  • Michael Ryan
  • Eli Seifferth
  • Samar Sheriff
  • Cristopher Soto
  • Chloe Storch
  • Shira Strongin
  • Desiree Swendsen
  • Gabrielle Tazza
  • Jonathan Van Wettering
  • Linda Velazquez
  • Fran Williams
  • Kelly Yewer

We are so grateful for our YLC members – their support makes a huge difference in the lives of thousands of children and families who suffer with EB daily!


For more information or to join the debra of America YLC, please call 212-868-1573 or email events [at] debra [dot] org.


Members of the Young Leadership Committee

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