debra of America
75 Broad Street
Suite 300
New York, NY 10004
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Phone: (212) 868-1573
Toll-Free: (855) CURE-4-EB
Fax: (212) 868-9296
Email: staff [at] debra [dot] org

For questions concerning our Facebook and Twitter pages, the online shop and merchandise, local fundraising events around the country, annual benefits in New York City:
Phone: (212) 868-1573 x105
Email: events [at] debra [dot] org

For questions concerning our programs and services:
Phone: (212) 868-1573 x104
Email: woundcare [at] debra [dot] org

For questions concerning making a donation or corporate giving:
Phone: (212) 868-1573 x106
Email: donations [at] debra [dot] org

All other inquiries, please email: staff [at] debra [dot] org


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