DebRA's EB Nurse Educator

Geri Kelly-Mancuso, RN, Nurse EducatorDebra's Nurse Educator, Ms. Geri Kelly, RN, serves as a point of contact to assist new parents and patients, as well as to help healthcare professionals manage the care of EB patients. This program provides general information on EB and referrals to related professionals.

Ms. Kelly has extensive pediatrics experience as a school nurse and nurse at South Bronx Children's Health Center. Prior to becoming a Debra Nurse Educator, she was the Clinical Nurse Manager of the Hope Center at St. John's Riverside Hospital in Yonkers NY, where she managed the facility’s outpatient AIDS clinic. Ms. Kelly speaks Spanish and helps Debra meet the growing demand for outreach to Spanish-speaking families. Ms. Kelly earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Hunter College in New York City.

Contact the Debra Nurse Educator
Service is available via phone or email Monday through Friday,
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time
Debra Nurse Phone: (513) 636.7931 or (866) DEBRA76 (866-332-7276)
Debra Nurse Email: nursegeri [at] debra [dot] org
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In 2007/2008, The Debra Nurse Educator Program is made possible through the generosity of The Fund for the Poor, Integra Foundation, National Rehab, NYBOT Futures and Options for Kids, NYMEX Charitable Foundation and other Debra supporters.

*Please note that all medical information given by Debra is for informational purposes only. Our information is not intended to substitute the care and guidance given by a qualified physician. All regimens of care should be discussed with the patient's physician. Always check with your physician prior to starting any medications or treatment regimens.



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