Personal Fundraising Pages



Create your own fundraising page on our new Do It Yourself fundraising platform!



First, determine if you want to create a personal fundraising page, join an existing supporter led event, or create a page for a supporter led event.

Then, decide on a fundraising goal - this will be displayed on the top of your page and will let you and your followers know the status of your project.



Once you have determined your goals, call or email debra of America at jason [at] debra [dot] org or 212-868-1573 x102. Jason will help you set up your page with our easy-to-use and customizable template.



Once your page has been created, you can copy and paste the URL and share it via email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or any other social networking site that you wish to use.



  1. What are Personal Fundraising Pages?

    Personal Fundraising Pages are a way for anyone to create awareness and raise money easily. All a personal fundraising page really is, is your own website that allows you to collect donations by accepting credit cards. The greatest part is that you can take advantage of the network effect by sharing it over all the social networking sites with a click of a button. You are now able to increase the size of your supporter led event(s) or just create an awareness campaign. It’s fun to see how you can take advantage of the network effect.

  2. What happens to the money that people donate through my personal fundraising page?

    All donation that you solicit and collect through your personal fundraising page are forwarded automatically to debra of America, Inc. At any time you can see the amount of money you have raised by logging-in to your account center. All moneys collect by debra of America are used to support the mission of alleviating the inherent daily stress of living with EB. Your support will help us fund research and provide programs and services to those families in need.

  3. Will donations made on personal fundraising pages be tax deductible?

    Donations will be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. debra of America is a registered non-profit organization with Federal Tax ID 112519726.

  4. Can I set up more than one page?

    Yes. Each supporter can set up multiple pages.

  5. Can a corporation or civic group set up a page?

    Yes, debra of America encourages companies, schools, civic groups and other organizations to set up personal fundraising pages to benefit our mission. Whether you want to collect funds for the holidays, challenge your employees to match your corporate donation or take up a collection from your members, everyone is welcome to create a personal fundraising page. People can create personal fundraising pages right from your personal page.