Supporting the EB Community

debra of America offers a caring support system and practical information and assistance on a range of issues relating to EB, including wound care, medical supplies, insurance and more. We are here to help.

Support and Outreach - New Family Advocate Program

Receive a free care package and helpful information to help navigate caring for an infant with EB, including how-to ’s on wound care, bathing and prevention of blisters, where to find medical supplies, medical coverage rights and a host of other topics to give your baby the best care possible.

Educating Families and Practitioners - EB Nurse Educator Program

Living with EB can bring on a lot of unknowns. We can help answer questions that are wide-ranging, from concerned parents whose toddler is becoming more active, to older adults who are experiencing new symptoms as they age. All calls and emails are completely confidential.

Navigating Challenging Issues - Legal Aid Program

Our Legal Aid Program helps families better advocate for themselves by helping them gain access to, or appeal for, their deserved healthcare benefits, educational rights, or workplace protections.

Free Medical Supplies - Wound Care Distribution Program

Specialized bandages and other wound care supplies can have a price tag of $10,000 a month for many people with EB. Our Wound Care Distribution Program delivers free supplies to families during times of need across the United States.

Granting Wishes - Smile Fund

In partnership with Grace Peshkur’s family and friends, debra of America created the Smile Fund. This program grants mini-wishes to people with Epidermolysis Bullosa to brighten their day.

National & Local Community Events - debra Care Conference (DCC)

debra of America holds a national conference every two years for those with EB, their families, advocates, and care providers to hear from the top medical professionals, academic researchers, and organizations conducting research into treatments and a cure for EB. Local events are held around the country in support of EB research and services, and to connect families to each other.

For more information or to enroll in these programs, email programs [at] debra [dot] org, or call 212-868-1573 ext. 104.

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