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The overwhelming majority of children with EB attend public schools successfully. Teachers, staff, volunteers and the other students quickly learn the “do’s and don’ts” of working beside a child with EB.

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Integrating a student with EB can become a natural part of the school experience for all involved. By understanding and meeting the unique needs of an EB student, modifications will become a part of daily classroom life. Please see below for helpful resources that will assist in the transition from home to school by facilitating conversation and teamwork between family and faculty.

This two-part Video was developed by the multidisciplinary Epidermolysis Bullosa Team at The Children’s Hospital of Colorado, and is endorsed by debra of America. It is a video guide for making the school experience supportive and academically challenging for students with EB.

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debra of America has created business size EB Cards that can be passed out in your school or community - to classmates, parents, neighbors, and at community centers, local stores, and more. These cards quickly explain what EB is and how it affects you/your child.

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Parents and school nurses are encouraged to speak with our EB Nurse Educator, a registered nurse experienced in EB care.

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It is important for EB families to understand what educational rights they can rely upon for their betterment of their children’s formal education. debra of America describes the right for each child with EB to receive a free and appropriate public education.

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Sending a brief letter to your child’s teachers, administrators and school nurse may be appropriate before the academic year begins. debra of America provides basic guidelines and sample letters you may consider as your child prepares for the school year.

Letter to Teachers/Administrators
Letter to School Nurse
Letter to Parents (for kindergarten or first grade, or new to the school system)

Interact with members of the EB Community including families and supporters.

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Is there a student who has EB in your school? Learn more about EB.

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