debra of America and Grace Peshkur’s family & friends want to make you smile!


Grace Catherine Peshkur was born on March 29, 2002 with Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa.  She lost her battle to this awful disease on May 17, 2009. We will cherish her memories and her smile forever.  To learn more about Grace, please read her Family Story.

Grace Peshkur “In honor of Grace and her heroism, we have started the Smile Fund. This program will grant mini wishes for EB children who need some happiness. These smiles will not only benefit the butterfly child but will allow the family some memories they can keep close to their heart such as a family portrait, a birthday party or a webcam to Skype with family or classmates. These heroes deserve smiles with all the pain they must endure each moment of each day. Keep sharing their stories and fighting for a cure. Let's support each other and together we can create smiles.”

-Karen Peshkur, mother of Grace Peshkur


If you or someone you know has EB, you can submit an application to debra of America following the guidelines below. All applications will be considered by a committee, and one smile is granted per month. Depending on the nature of the request, it may take some time to receive. When you are notified that your request has been chosen you will be informed of a time frame.


Please read the following criteria carefully to determine if you qualify

  1. Applicant has EB, or is applying on behalf of someone with EB
  2. EB patient has not received an award from any other wish granting organization
  3. EB patient resides in the United States
  4. The request is unattainable without assistance from the Smile Fund


Fill out the application form and submit it to debra of America via email/mail/fax by the first of the month. If your application is received AFTER the first it will be considered for the following month (e.g. an application received October 3rd is eligible to win in November). If you are not selected to receive a smile, the Smile Fund will keep your application open for 3 months before you need to reapply.

Apply Now

Have questions? Contact us at smile [at] debra [dot] org or by phone at (212) 868-1573 x 104.


Are you having trouble deciding what to wish for? Take a look at our list of suggestions:

  • Webcam
  • Computer/Tablet
  • E-Reader
  • Video game system
  • Birthday party
  • Graduation party
  • Sports Event
  • Theater/Musical
  • Play
  • Circus
  • Movies
  • Toys/Books
  • Games
  • DVDs
  • Shopping Spree
  • Art Supplies

Sponsor A Smile

You can also contact the debra of America office at 212-868-1573 x104 or email smile [at] debra [dot] org to sponsor or contribute to a smile.

Past Winners

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