Help for New Parents

Dear EB Family,

It is a great privilege to introduce myself as the debra of America New Family Program (NFP) Coordinator. As a mother who lost a child with EB and a member of debra of America's Board of Directors, I am honored to serve in this capacity.

I know the feeling of helplessness and confusion new parents experience when their newborn is diagnosed with EB. Feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to being is completely natural. The New Family Program was created to help parents and caregivers of newborns with EB navigate the uncharted territory that is Epidermolysis Bullosa. In addition to offering a caring support system, we provide practical, hands-on information regarding wound care, medical supplies, medical insurance, and the range of issues related to the care of babies with EB.

Along with educating families about the disease and providing supplies to lessen their baby’s pain, the program aspires to bring some hope to their lives.

Parents and caregivers, you are not alone in your struggle. Everyday has its ups and downs and sometimes a lot more downs than ups, but debra of America and NFP are here to provide the support you need to live with the emotional, physical and financial burdens of EB.


Leslie Rader

Help At Home

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Caring for Newborns
To all new parents, here are some helpful hints and detailed medical information to assist you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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