For those with EB, the eyes are an area that are prone to having issues.

Young girl with EB.

At the 2018 debra Care Conference, Pediatric Ophthalmologist Vicki M. Chen, MD presented on strategies on how to prevent blistering, scarring, and vision loss. 

Her presentation covered the following questions: 

  1. What EB related problems can occur in the eye?
  2. How can we prevent these problems?
  3. Can we do more to reduce pain and vision loss?
  4. Is research for EB related eye problems moving forward?

Dr. Chen is a pediatric ophthalmologist who has been caring for children with EB for the past 10 years. Her interest in research began when she learned that patients with severe eye disease had limited treatment options. In 2015, she initiated scientific investigation of mice with DEB to discover how absence of collagen VII affects the eyes. This led to collaboration with Stanford University to test human collagen VII eye drops. She most recently conducted a national survey to understand how much eye problems impact patients and families. Her ultimate goal is to develop safe and effective therapies for EB.

Click below to view the entire set of slides from her 2018 DCC presentation, “Eye Care for EB Patients.” 

Credit: Vicki M. Chen, MD, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, New England Eye Center, Tufts Medical Center / Floating Hospital for Children, Boston, MA. This information was presented at the 2018 debra Care Conference.

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