A Supporter Led Event is a fundraising event led by a proud supporter in their U.S. local area or virtually to help fund debra of America’s mission to improve the quality of life for those living with EB. 

Epidermolysis Bullosa Supporter Led Event

Supporter Led Events come in all shapes and sizes, and can be defined by you, the supporter! debra of America provides assistance in many ways to ensure that your event is fun, easy, and successful.

You will receive:

  • Comprehensive Supporter Led Event guide 

  • Personalized event website 
  • Event materials (brochures, banners, bracelets, & branded merchandise) 
  • Customizable solicitation forms 
  • Assistance with graphics, special sponsor materials, event flyers, and more 
  • Event Promotion on social media and in email communications 
  • Assistance with sponsorship solicitations
  • Necessary documentation to prove that you are fundraising for an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 

… and more! Ask how we can help you make your event successful. 

Getting Started

The questions below will guide you to help get your event started. 

What kind of event do you want to organize?

The first thing to consider is the type of event you would like to organize. Will it be in-person or virtual? Some items to consider: 

  • What are you interested in? Do you enjoy baking? Host a bake sale! Enjoy Soccer? Host a Tournament! 

  • How much time to you have to devote to the event? Some events take more effort to plan than others, so be sure to pick something that you are comfortable committing to. 

Additional Event Ideas: 

  • 5K Run/Walk or Marathon/Half Marathon (these can be virtual as well!)
  • Auction (Silent or Live) 
  • Dinners or Lunches 
  • Car or Truck Show 
  • Jeans Day or Dress Down Day 
  • Pancake Breakfast or Spaghetti Dinner 
  • Musical Performances
  • Virtual Fitness Class
  • Virtual Art Lesson
  • Virtual Poker or Happy Hour
  • Virtual Cooking Night
  • Virtual Contest
Where will you hold your event?

One of the most important aspects of putting a fundraising event together is having a place to host it. Presently, many of our events are held virtually. Once you know the type of event you’d like to hold, you can start thinking about the type of space and capacity that you will need. A walk or 5K will need a park, while a bake sale just needs a table. Reach out to public or private spaces in your neighborhood that you think may work for your event to find out their availability and fees. 

Please note that donated space is always best! Do you know anyone with access to the type of space you need? But while it’s great to get a donated space, sometimes there are fees involved. If there are, please contact debra of America to see how we can help. 

Contact Us 

When will your event take place?

Remember to pick a time of year that works best for your event, especially if it's outdoors! 

Who can you get to help you?

Ask family & friends if they will be able to pitch in, and make sure that they are aware of and up to the task! Building a committee of volunteers is a great way to have a successful, stress-free event. 

What will your event costs be?

It’s important to think about the costs involved with hosting an event. Once you have your basic budget worked out, contact events@debra.org to see how we can help! (We would be happy to provide an example of an excel budget sheet.) 

Talk to us!

Once you have the basic idea worked out, give us a call or email us so we can bring your idea to life! 

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