**Important Update**

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the debra of America office is temporarily closed and the Wound Care Distribution Program is suspended. Those who request supplies will be notified once the debra of America office re-opens and the Program is able to resume. For questions, please email woundcare@debra.org

debra of America distributes wound care supplies, free of charge, to individuals with Epidermolysis Bullosa in the United States who are temporarily unable to obtain them.

Mother holding child with EB.

Specialized, non-adherent bandages and other necessary supplies for those with EB can have a retail cost in excess of $80,000 per month. There are times when families experience unexpected issues with their insurance coverage and cannot afford to buy these necessary supplies out-of-pocket. With this program, we aim to help bridge these gaps in coverage, and provide bandages for those during this time of need.

Requested supplies are matched to the best of our ability from the available inventory in our Wound Care Distribution Center.

The program provides supplies to everyone from newborns to adults across the U.S., ensuring that all those suffering with EB have the best possible chance of treating themselves with proper wound care.

Requesting Supplies

Specialized bandages, gauze rolls, retention net dressings, ointments and other wound care supplies may be requested. If you or a family member have EB and are in need, please fill out the online form found below to request wound care supplies. Supplies are matched to the best of our ability from the available inventory in our Wound Care Distribution Center, and are shipped on a first come, first served basis.

The Wound Care Distribution Program provides supplemental supplies to those with EB on a temporary basis only, and cannot fulfill regular recurring requests for supplies. For information on obtaining supplies through health insurance or assistance with health coverage denials, please click here and here.

Please complete the form below to request Wound Care Supplies.

Supplies will be shipped as soon as possible within the week that they are requested. Requests received on Thursday or Friday may be shipped the following week. Supplies are shipped via FedEx Ground Service.

Additional information may be required before request can be processed. debra of America staff may reach out upon receiving request as needed.

If you have any questions regarding your request, please contact debra of America directly:

Phone: 212-868-1573 x104
Email: woundcare@debra.org

Donating Supplies

debra of America accepts a wide variety of sealed, unused and unexpired wound care products. If you are interested in donating supplies, please email woundcare@debra.org, or call us at 212-868-1573, ext. 104 today.

Donating wound care supplies makes a direct impact on those with EB who are in need. Donations are accepted from:


Sealed, unused and unexpired wound care products are accepted throughout the year, and free shipping labels are available upon request.


One of the many ways for businesses to partner with debra of America is by donating wound care supplies. We accept supplies from manufacturers, distributors, as well as third party sellers.

Wound Care Supply Drives

Hosting a wound care supply drive is a great way to spread EB awareness and make a big difference in the EB Community. To ensure your wound care drive is a success, we’ve put together some helpful tips and informational material in our Wound Care Drive Toolkit.

Access the Wound Care Drive Toolkit

Our free packages of supplies are made possible through direct donations from wound care manufacturers and distributors, and from individuals & families who support the EB Community. Our sincerest gratitude to our partners who make our Wound Care Distribution Program possible!

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